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How to choose the correct wetsuit size


May 13, 2021


It's all decided. You've considered all the models, you know the technical details, and you know what type of wetsuit you need. You know which one is best suited your goals and your characteristics as an athlete, but now more questions arise: What is my size? Should the fit be tight or not? What should I look for when choosing?

As explained in a recent article on our blog, the wetsuit must be well fitted, without any loose areas in order to avoid water entering and the uncomfortable ‘baggy effect’ while swimming. A wetsuit that does not fit and adjust to your body well, whether too large or small, can produce chafing in the neck and armpits, in addition to unnecessary discomfort, especially in the shoulders and crotch, during your sessions in the ocean. 

Below, we offer you a series of tips and factors to take into account when choosing the size of your wetsuit.

1. Fit. The wetsuit should be relatively tight, with no folds or wrinkles, and should always leaving enough room for movement to perform strokes and rolls in the most natural, broad and free way possible.

2. Chest measurement. This is a factor to consider even if it is not one of the measurements that we usually hear about (such as height or weight). It is easiest to take with a measuring tape, measuring the circumference of the torso at its widest part. The measurement in centimeters you get will be equivalent to one size or another. You can check on this page, where you will find the sizing guide for Orca wetsuits.

3. Height and weight. You should know these pieces of information, and they will definitely give you a clue as to the size of wetsuit you should purchase. You should consider both figures, since they will resolve any doubts in the event that you are hesitant and between two sizes. 

4. Try it on. Ideally, if possible, you can go to a store that sells Orca wetsuits and try them on to see how you feel with one size or another. 

Choosing the right wetsuit model is important, but getting the right size will be essential in order to enjoy the sea and open water swimming to the fullest.