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Asa Lundstrom with Orca Openwater wetsuit


June 25, 2015

Best Places to Swim: Mundaka

There comes a point when swimming in a pool just does not feel like it's enough, you begin to seek the thrill and adventure of swimming in open water. Being alone out there can be, and sometimes is, scary; the fear of the unknown can be what has kept you from swimming in open water before, but this is about to change. At Orca we know the this feeling of pure freedom very well and we want to make open water swimming easy and accessible for everyone who wants to experience this unparalleled feeling. 

This is the reason behind Orca's latest project: Best Places to Swim, a platform where open water swimmers from around the world can share their favorite spots to swim, so you can explore new places guided by those who know them best. You can upload detailed information as well as the GPS route, so you can know all the necessary details about the new spots to explore and even download the route onto your GPS watch. Many professional athletes have already uploaded their routes, and the platform is quickly growing and already includes spots all over the world. Join the community and start exploring. Get ready to say goodbye to your fears and conquer the seven seas.

One of our “Best Places to Swim” is the Bermeo-Mundaka route, which will serve as the route for a race this upcoming weekend, 27th of June. The brave swimmers will leave from the beautiful town of Bermeo and finish their swim in Mundaka, a town internationally known for its unique wave. This surfer town is now also a necessary visit for open water swimmers, this bit of the Basque coast makes for a challenging but incredibly beautiful swim in the ocean.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of what this swim looks like: