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2015 Orca Transition Backpack front view

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August 24, 2015

Introducing: The best Transition Backpack for Triathlon

The ultimate in transition backpacks has been built with triathletes in mind. With a pocket for everything imaginable, all within easy reach the Orca Transition Backpack is hard-wearing and comfortable to carry. A smaller version of the Orca Transition Bag, the backpack is a conveniently sized 50L with wet and dry compartments, and specially lined pouches to keep personal items such as passports, electronics, keys etc safe. Perfect when travelling overseas for races or just to your local triathlon. With classic black and white Orca styling and reflective accents and a high contrast green interior to make finding everything in the pockets a breeze, this really is a bag that will cover all your needs. 


Neon green interior makes it easy to locate what you're looking for.

Orca Transition Bag Neon Green Interior

Padded Helmet Compartment keeps your helmet protected and easily accessible in it's own zippered compartment at the top of the bag.

Orca 2015 Transition Backpack Helmet Pocket

Ventilating Mesh Back Panel - as you can see below, thick padded shoulder straps connect to a supportive back brace with breathable mesh, keeping the bag from touching your back while being worn to prevent excess moisture gathering there. After all, no one likes a sweaty back from wearing a bag!

2015 Orca Transition Backpack Ventilating Mesh Back Panel

Zippered mesh compartments provide even more individual storage within pockets to further keep your race gear sorted while you travel to your race and then easily find it when you need it!

Orca 2015 Transition Backpack Zippered Compartments

Orca 2015 Transition Backpack Pockets

Make your next triathlon travel that much easier with an Orca Transition Backpack! Get yours here! Alternatively if you're looking for a larger bag option, check out our transition bag!