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The ironminds

May 14, 2015


Non is no stranger to overcoming adversity. This weekend, Non returns after 20 months off due to injury and will be competing at WTS Yokohama. It is not the first time in her career that she has had to step away from triathlon for an extended period of time. However, she has not let this affect her winning attitude and fighting spirit. Last time she was injured she came back stronger than ever, going on to become ITU World Champion, and if she has done it once, she can do it again.

Here at Orca we have no doubt that she will do an amazing job and will get her campaign to qualify for the Olympics off to a great start this weekend. As we have seen in the past, Non has a winner's mentality, with as much mental strength as physical, the perfect combination required for success. An Iron Mind.

Join the Orca team in cheering Non on in Yokohama. This weekend will mark the return of a great athlete to the sport of triathlon and the beginning of what we are confident will be another great season for Non.
To discover more about what has spurred Non on to achieve what she has so far check out her Ironminds interview below: